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Vancouver Tub, Flooring and Countertop Repairs, Serving BC for Over 60 years

 Bathtub Doctor is a family-run business serving BC for 60 years. The company was started by  Connaught  Swan who repaired steel tubs part time in the Vancouver area. Mike Swan, the next generation, then took the business to full time work and expanded through the lower mainland and added new items such as acrylic tubs, countertops, stainless steel, different appliances and windows. In 2003, Mike’s son Adam joined him and took over the business in 2014. Our company now includes three technicians, a secretary, bookkeeper and accounts manager.  Over the years, our expertise and dedication has brought us lots of  satisfied customers.

Competitive Pricing, Fast Service

At The Bathtub Doctor, we provide invisible repairs at a fair cost with a quick response time. We have technicians located in each of the primary service areas which means that we are able to travel more quickly and efficiently. This allows us more flexibility when scheduling appointments, and we are also able to schedule more appointments in general throughout the day. Please contact us to learn more about our services and book your repairs today!

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